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Micro hole polishing solution

2013/6/11      view:
        KYoole Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. successfully solved the problem of micro-hole deburring for Korean customers. The micro-hole deburring was simple and easy to use before electrolysis, and was later eliminated. The small holes are usually less than 1 mm in diameter, and ordinary physical polishing methods cannot be used. It is really not easy to find a solution that can remove small hole burrs and meet environmental standards.
       In fact, the small hole deburring said to my company, has its own unique method! When polishing the small hole workpiece, we will use the completely liquid abrasive, and the workpiece passing through any hole will not cause blockage or residual material. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the liquid abrasive can maintain a high pressure and quickly wash the inner wall of the small hole of the workpiece to achieve the grinding effect. Due to the presence of liquid, it does not generate high heat and does not produce spark stars, so it does not burn the workpiece.