Tungsten steel, also known as hard alloy, is difficult to polish due to its high hardness. Generally speaking, the finer the particles, the lower the polishing difficulty, and the coarser the particles, the more difficult the polishing. Polishing to the mirror will make the difficulty even greater. Only when the polishing method is mastered can the excellent properties of tungsten steel be better utilized.

        At present, the domestic generally adopts two modes of grinding wheel polishing and polishing paste polishing, a regular circular polishing method, a regular square polishing method, a polishing method for the shaped tungsten steel inner hole, and a special shape tungsten steel polishing method.

        The regular round tungsten steel is polished to the mirror surface and can be directly ground and polished in a centerless grinding machine using a 2000-grain diamond wheel. The regular square is mostly machined in a surface grinder and can be polished with a 2000 grit diamond wheel. Most manufacturers in the tungsten steel polishing, mainly shaped products are difficult to polish, for example, the inner hole is irregular shape, can fill the strip in the inner hole, the workpiece is fixed, with two people pull, to the product is hot, The finish is mirrored. The shape of the tungsten steel is irregularly polished, and the ultrasonic is first polished, and the 4000-grain polishing paste is used to polish the mirror. Polishing machine polishing machine automatic polishing machine deburring machine mirror polishing machine

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