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    Inner hole, cross hole deburring solution

    2012/8/23      view:

      The colloidal abrasive fluid polishing machine is often used for deburring the inner hole of the mold and the cross hole, and polishing is performed without destroying the surface of the inner hole of the mold.

         There are debris on the surface of the workpiece and tiny metal particles on the surface. These are called burrs. The more burrs, the lower the quality standard, and they travel during cutting, grinding and other similar chip processing. In order to improve product quality and service life, it is necessary to remove burrs on all precision metal parts. The surface, sharp corners and edges of the workpiece must be extremely clean. The traditional process of deburring is mechanical processes such as grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation. The quality of the workpiece being processed is often not guaranteed, and production costs and personnel costs are very high. Using the abrasive flow deburring process, after the workpiece is clamped by the tool, the above-mentioned reciprocating extrusion method causes the abrasive to flow through the surface, cross hole or end angle of the workpiece to be deburred, polished or chamfered according to requirements, and can be processed according to time and flow. Computer controlled, fully automatic, economical and efficient polishing, the polishing marks and the direction of the workpiece used are the same, so it has the same directional processing characteristics.

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